Mission Statement

Formed in 1998 by Raynani Reinhardt, David Weitl and Diane Flick, Washington Volleyball Academy was established to provide advanced technical volleyball training to qualified student-athletes enabling them to compete successfully at the national level in their age group.

Founding Principles

  • We are a community-based non-profit organization committed to training and developing student athletes through competitive participation in the sport of volleyball.

  • We are a staff of professional coaches supported by a strong administrative structure with clear areas of accountability and channels of communication.

  • We are committed to developing the whole athlete through the latest coaching techniques and philosophies consistent with USA Volleyball® (USAV) as well as the American Volleyball Coaches Association® (AVCA) of which our instructors are members in good standing.

  • We train our athletes through a coordinated academy-wide program that ensures consistency and efficiency of coaching methodology and playing systems from the youngest teams to the elite levels.

  • We maintain strong working relationships with all other Washington volleyball programs from junior high school through collegiate levels.

  • We provide educational assistance to families whose son or daughter may be qualified to solicit collegiate athletic scholarships.

  • We provide, when available, needs-based financial assistance to ensure that participation is available to all qualified student-athletes.

  • Policy Statements

    Playing Time
    WVBA does not guarantee equal playing time. We believe, in large part, the TEAM's most important lessons are learned during intense competition with the best teams in the country. Therefore, we will strive to field the most competitive line-up at all competitions in order to ensure high finishes and the chance to test ourselves against the best teams by competing to play in the finals of every competition we enter.
       We recognize and appreciate that our playing time policy may not be consistent with the objectives of all student athletes or their families. We encourage any prospective athlete to fully consider the possible ramifications of this policy and to discuss this policy with their family BEFORE registering to audition for any of our teams.
       We firmly believe that, for the right athletes, participation with any of our teams will be beneficial for them even though they may not receive as much playing time as they might on another team. Please consider the importance of your or your daughter's playing time BEFORE registering to audition.

    GPA Minimum
    WVBA requires that all members maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) which is suggested to be not less than 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). GPA is monitored by a member's parents and any members that fall below the agreed minimum are subject to suspension or other sanctions.

    The information about the 2013-14 season has been updated below and is current as of 5-17-14.

    General Information about the Academy

    2013-14 Season Teams
    WVBA is in negotiations to obtain its own permanent practice faciility. We hope to confirm our new location within the next month. The number of teams we will form will depend on whether our facility will be able to open this season. At the very least, WVBA will form nine (9) club teams for the 2013-14 season. We will form the following teams:

    WVBA Mizuno 18 Mizuno® (mostly 12th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 17 Mizuno® (mostly 11th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 16 Mizuno® (mostly 10th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 16 Molten® (mostly 10th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 15 Mizuno® (mostly 9th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 15 Molten® (mostly 9th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 14 Mizuno® (mostly 8th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 14 Molten® (mostly 8th graders)
    WVBA Mizuno 13 Mizuno® (mostly 7th graders)

      *U11-U12 teams will be offered through a year around series of 12-week seasons beginning in September.

    Each team will carry a roster of ten (10) players. Teams train in a collaborative training unit led by the unit leader/director. All training units will be overseen by our Director of Coaching, Sarah Chase.

    This collaborative training environment allows for much deeper training of individual and team skills than the traditional 1 team/1 court model followed by most clubs in this area. Our goal is to have over 1,200 ball contacts for each player per week.

    Our teams have traditionally practiced in public/private facilities located between Woodinville and Edmonds.The new facility will be located in Lynnwood and if we are successful with our negotiations, will open in March.

    Each team will compete approximately twice per month at day-long tournaments held both locally and for our traveling teams, major national tournaments across the U.S. Some tournaments will last for two or three days. The final tournament of the year will be the AAU Junior Nationals in Orlando and will be played over four days.

    Our auditions are open to all qualified student-athletes. Prior to registering for any of our auditions, please review the club policies above, especially related to playing time and GPA minimums.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Academy, please contact our Founding Director, Dave Weitl, at dw@wvba.org or our Operations Manager at our offices listed below.

    For more information on other clubs, you should visit the Puget Sound Region website at: www.pugetsoundvb.org.

    WVBA Office Contact Information:

    Maggie Peters
    Operations Manager
    2810 Lincoln Way
    Lynnwood, WA 98087
    (425) 742-6413  tel/fax